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For over 10 years UniServices has been providing early proof of concept and pre-seed investment to support the University’s research discoveries, enabling them to reach a point where commercial usefulness can be demonstrated and the first steps are taken to ensure commercial viability.

The availability of seed funds is critical to the commercialisation process in a number of ways, including financing access to managerial skills, securing or enhancing intellectual property, supporting additional R&D, construction of a prototype, preparation of a business plan, and covering legal costs.

“The creation of the Fund amplifies the investment activity that we undertake on behalf of the University of Auckland in the transfer of new knowledge and technology into new products and companies”

Dr Andy Shenk, CEO UniServices

Through the University of Auckland Inventors Fund, UniServices offers University of Auckland staff and students’ access to an evergreen, open-ended $20 million investment fund for the development of technologies for commercialisation, and seed-capital for ventures started out of the University.

UniServices Commercialisation Managers and Analysts will work with entrepreneurial staff through market assessment, intellectual property protection, business planning, and seed funding.

Please see the University of Auckland Inventors Fund Brochure, or contact our team below for more information.


Development of Licensable Technology

For over 30 years, Auckland UniServices Limited has worked alongside researchers and academic staff at the University of Auckland to transfer world-class knowledge and technology into existing companies and startups.

With expertise in commercialisation and intellectual property, UniServices actively identifies and protects ground-breaking discoveries with commercial potential. Experienced Commercialisation Managers work with researchers to develop technology to an industry ready stage, leading to a diverse and extensive portfolio of new technologies ready for commercial licensing.

UniServices’ Commercialisation Managers also work closely with entrepreneurial staff and students to advance ideas and intellectual property through to spin-out companies. The University of Auckland Inventors' Fund and associated resources support the creation of many start-ups, some of which may be ready for co-investment.

UniServices offers a diverse and extensive portfolio of new technologies available for commercial licensing.

Technology development for University of Auckland Staff and Students

UniServices supports University of Auckland staff and students with the development and commercialisation of your ideas, with intellectual property and commercialisation services, and access to pre-seed investment.

The first step to commercialise an invention is to report it to us in advance of any public disclosure. Our online form makes it easy to confidentially report inventions. Whether you’re looking to commercialise your invention or simply want to share materials or resources with a third party, our Intellectual Property Managers and Commercialisation Managers will work with you to:

  • Assess and secure your idea
  • Protect your rights and interests as a University Inventor
  • Find the best route of commercialisation and collaboration with industry partners

Please contact one of the team below or Submit your idea disclosure here to start the process.


UniServices Portfolio

UniServices provides access to license leading innovations at the University of Auckland in:

  • Biotechnology and life science
  • Materials technologies
  • Computer/IT technologies
  • Sensor/diagnostic technologies
  • Electrical technologies

View our Available Innovations page for technologies in your field.

Investors Funds

Start-ups supported through UniServices

UniServices supports the creation of start-ups utilising innovations at the University of Auckland.















The Team

Will Charles_0.png

Will Charles

Executive Director - Commercialisation

+64 9 373 7522 ext 82439

Evelyn Body_0.png

Evelyn Body

Director of Commercialisation – Biotechnology

+64 9 373 7522 ext 82643

Stephen Flint

Stephen Flint

Director of Commercialisation – Engineering and ICT

+64 9 923 4989


Nicola Johnstone_0.png

Nicola Johnstone

Head of Intellectual Property Legal

+64 9 923 2915


Sandra King.jpg

Sandra King

Head of Legal & Corporate Counsel

+64 9 923 8573

Kent Lee_0.png

Kent Lee

 Senior Commercialisation Manager – Med-tech

+64 9 923 2547


Joe Rouse

Senior Commercialisation Manager

+64 9 923 6711 


Pam Jauregui

Commercialisation Operations Manager

+64 9 923 3733


Dr Sandhya Badrinarayanan

Commercialisation Manager

+64 9 923 3277

Tim Photo.png

Dr Tim Stirrup

IP Advisor - Biotechnology & Med-tech

+64 9 923 8810


Richard Murphy

IP Advisor - ICT & Engineering

+64 9 923 8770



Kimberlee Jordan

 Senior Commercialisation Manager – Pharma

+64 9 923 9520


Evie Cameron

Legal Assistant

+64 9 923 1816

Pau MG.jpg

Pau Medrano-Gracia

Commercialisation Manager -  Digital and Engineering

+64 9 923 6908

Sam Wilkins.jpg

Sam Wilkins

Commercialisation Manager - Digital and Engineering

+64 9 923 2803 



Return On Science


Graham Scown

Director – Return On Science

+ 64 21 22 111 62


Odette Lees

Programme Analyst – Return On Science


Vivek Kumar

Programme Analyst – Return On Science

+64 21 299 3144


Grace Esterman

Programme Analyst - Return On Science