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UniServices has established an Innovation Institute in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. The Institute occupies a 2800m² physical space in the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Area (HEDA) and will be a world-class centre for research and innovation.

“Both Auckland UniServices and the University of Auckland have extensive relationships and collaborations in China, and we see ample opportunity to expand on them in the future.  To help make that possible, we recognised that it was time to show our commitment to China by opening the University of Auckland Innovation Institute China.  We have been extremely pleased with the support we have received from our Chinese colleagues in establishing the Institute and we look forward to the outstanding research and commercialisation work we will do together.”  

Dr Andy Shenk, CEO UniServices

Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou is one of China’s leading innovation and technology hubs and is home to the research and development centres of leading companies like Siemens, Abbott, Pfizer, Novartis, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Merck, Huawei and ABB.

Sandros Feng, General Manager

Sandros Feng has around 20 years working experience within the international pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as the TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) industry in China and the USA. Sandros has held roles in quality, R&D, operational and general management. He has held significant P&L responsibility and has deep experience driving sales performance. Sandros holds a MSc in Chemistry, is strong at dealing with intangible service products and has rich project management experience. 

WeChat: Sandros
Telephone: +86-1-3816 237 923

The International team in NZ and Mr Sandros Feng and Dr Lan Peiqiang in China are looking forward to working with you going forward.



封雷在国际制药和化工行业以及中国和美国的TIC(测试,检验和认证)行业有20多年的工作经验。 封雷曾在质量,研发,运营和管理方面担任过重要职务。 他曾承担了公司重大的责任,并具有丰富的销售业绩经验。 封雷拥有化学硕士学位,在经营无形服务产品和项目管理方面具有丰富的经验。


请注意Felix夏博士已经停止为“奥克兰大学创新研究院”工作了。所以如果有任何需要,封雷从现在开始是您在创新院的联系人。 他的联系方式如下:
微信: Sandros
电话: +86-1-3816 237 923


Facilities for hire

The Institute offers meeting rooms, conference facilities and closed office areas which can be booked for client meetings, seminars, functions or as workspace. Bookings can be made on an ad-hoc basis or under a long term co-location agreement. Access to these facilities will enable research and commercial partners to have closer collaborations with Chinese universities, government agencies and businesses.


Work with us in China

Researchers, commercial partners and government agencies who would benefit from working with the University of Auckland and UniServices in China are invited to contact one of the following International Business Development Managers depending on the activity area you are interested in:

New Zealand


Kelvin Keh
+64 21 275 1171


Bryan Read
+64 21 509 504

Science & Engineering

Dr Pau Medrano-Gracia
+64 27 406 2944

Science & Engineering

Dr Pretesh Patel
+64 21 705 265


General Manager

Sandros Feng +86 13816 237 923

Business Development Executive

Peiqiang Lan 兰培强 +86 150 886 88727

For all general enquiries please contact:

General Manager – International

Dr Lisbeth Jacobs  +64 21 075 4873


Building 13, No.20 Kejiyuan Road

Baiyang Sub-district

Hangzhou Economic and Technology Development Area

Hangzhou, China 310018