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Have an idea that could be valuable, but need a bit of guidance? UniServices commercialisation workshops are held throughout the year and are free of charge for University of Auckland Staff and Students. From advice on intellectual property, through to questions about drug discovery and regulatory pathways, our experienced advisors will be able to help advance your idea; whether it's early research or ready to spin-out. 

At the workshop we use the lean canvas methodology to develop an actionable and focused business plan. This can be used to inform a development roadmap, and customer validation and intellectual property strategies going forward. A PDF of the Lean Canvas can be found here.


What happens at the workshop?
In short, we use the lean canvas methodology and build a lean business plan around your idea. We also encourage participants to practice elevator pitches to hone in on the value proposition behind their idea. 

Are the workshops free?
Yes, the workshops are free of charge for University of Auckland staff and students.

How long do they run for?
We typically start the workshops at 9:00am and run them through to around 3:00pm. Lunch and morning tea are provided. 

Do I have to have an idea to come to the workshops?
Ideally, yes. The workshops are optimised for working through specific ideas and applying the lean canvas methodology.

I don't have an idea at the moment but I want to learn more about commercialisation, what can I do?
We'll have more useful information on this website soon. In the meantime The Centre For Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Velocity have great programs that run throughout the year.

Check the dates below for upcoming Workshops and contact Sam Wilkins if you would like to attend.

2018 Workshop dates:

Wednesday 11 April 2018
Friday 8 June 2018
Friday 31 August 2018
Wednesday 24 October 2018