Annual Review

UniServices plays a unique and important role in bringing ideas to life in Aotearoa New Zealand. Since 1988, we have acted as the kaihono – those who link people to people and people to projects – bridging academia with business, government and communities. 

The 2020 Annual Review highlights UniServices' activities over the year in:

  • Advancing research
  • Commercialising and protecting ideas
  • Investing and partnering, and
  • Delivering positive community impact.

A message from the board chair

Without question, 2020 was a time of massive global upheaval. However, it also enabled universities to provide critical support for their communities and promote positive change.

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the value of research and the responsiveness of the research community. University of Auckland researchers had a major role in informing the national response, praised around the world for its effectiveness. The pandemic and the ongoing climate crisis have also highlighted inequities. Our researchers have thus focused on incorporating equity and sustainability into all aspects of the response.

2020 was a challenging year, but by helping connect research with national and international needs, UniServices has played a part in enabling a better post-pandemic future.

James Metson    
UniServices Board Chair, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

A message from the CEO

Even before Covid-19, I always thought UniServices would rise to any challenge. Now I know. Time after time in 2020, I saw people show their best, going beyond expectations. 

UniServices not only pulled together to catalyse impactful research, we ended the year in a healthy financial position. Whether working from home or the office, we collaborated and grew stronger as a team. 

Working with researchers and entrepreneurs at a time in history when research, science and innovation were more important than ever before, we played a significant part in expanding knowledge and the economy. Despite an initially challenging outlook, everyone in UniServices did themselves proud.

Andy Shenk
UniServices CEO

See the full UniServices Annual Review 2020 (PDF)