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Investment portfolio

Over the past 10 years, UniServices has become a market leader in commercialisation

UniServices has a successful track record in supporting the development of early stage companies and the commercialisation of research and technology out of the University of Auckland. From proof of concept and seed stage, through to series A and beyond, UniServices and the University of Auckland Inventors' Fund provide the necessary advice, networks, and capital to drive success. Check out our portfolio of investments below.


Soul Machines

Soul Machines has changed the game in smart avatars by utilizing AI to identify and respond to emotional human responses.

Exited; Physical Sciences


Built on decades of world-leading research at the University of Auckland, HaloIPT provides wireless charging systems for electric vehicles.

Exited; Physical Sciences


PowerbyProxi is a world leader in wireless power charging both for consumer electronics and industrial applications.

Physical Sciences


PowerOn uses unique dielectric elastomer switch technology to produce customisable, soft and flexible switches, actuators and logic. 



VReady Ltd is a science and technology-driven company that provides Virtual Reality earthquake training for schools. 

Physical Sciences

Cirrus Materials Science

Cirrus Materials Science provides high performance surface coatings for automotive, aerospace, electronics and hi-tech manufacturing. 



RosterLab is a roster creating software using the world's leading A.I. technology.

Biotech and life sciences


Avasa helps microsurgeons reconnect microvascular arteries precisely, safely, and swiftly.

Biotech and life sciences

Rain Therapeutics

Rain Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company developing targeted therapies for patients with cancer.

Biotech and life sciences

The Insides Company

The Insides Company was established in 2017, building on research conducted at the University of Auckland Medical School.

Agriculture and Food tech; Exited

Engender Technologies

Engender Technologies has developed a technology to separate X- and Y-bearing bull sperm cells.


Hearing Power

Hearing Power aims to change the global provision of hearing care to enable access to rehabilitation for everyone sooner, cheaper and more efficiently.


Formus Labs

Formus Labs has developed the world’s first AI-automated 3D planner for joint replacement surgeries, empowering surgeons with unprecedented insight. 


Kara Technologies

Kara improves accessibility for people who are deaf by translating content using a hyper-realistic computer-generated sign language avatar and AI. 



StrutFit uses computer vision and AI to make shoe size recommendations allowing customers buying shoes online.



eVouch is a marketing automation tool to structure, build and scale word of mouth marketing for businesses.


Compliance Audit Systems

CAS has developed an innovative and practical software platform to help automate compliance audit processes.

Agriculture and Food tech; Biotech and life sciences

Orbis Diagnostics

Orbis Diagnostics is providing farmers with actionable insights for every cow in their milking herd.

Physical Sciences


Tectonus designs, engineers & manufactures revolutionary earthquake protection devices. 

Physical Sciences

Vortex Power Systems

Vortex Power Systems Limited is developing a proprietary system to capture and convert waste heat at existing thermal power-stations to electricity. 



Vivify has developed a system using clever algorithms and augmented reality to provide moviegoers with an exceptional subtitled movie experience.

Physical Sciences


OPUM Technologies was founded out of the Medical Devices and Technologies Research Group at the University of Auckland.

Biotech and life sciences


JunoFem helps women on their journey to pelvic floor health and aims to have a major impact on resolving symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Biotech and life sciences


FlexiMap provides flexible multi-channel electrical mapping solutions for gastroenterology and cardiology research.

Physical Sciences


StretchSense' MoCap Pro Glove is used by studios developing AAA rated games, feature films and new VR experiences to capture detailed finger movements. 

Physical Sciences

Quantifi Photonics

Quantifi Photonics is a developer and manufacturer of high-end photonics test and measurement instruments for the optical telecommunications market. 

Biotech and life sciences


OcuNexus developing unique, patented therapeutics for multiple front and back-of-the-eye diseases with the potential to alter the standard of care. 

Biotech and life sciences


Alimetry is a medical devices company making advanced diagnostics that non-invasively sense the gut.

Biotech and life sciences; Exited


Aravive is developing treatments designed to halt progression of life-threatening diseases, including cancer and fibrosis. 

Physical Sciences

Zenno Astronautics

Zenno is developing fuel-free space engines for next generation small satellites. 

Biotech and life sciences


HeartLab is transforming cardiology by building the next generation of AI tools to enhance diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease.



Invoke pushes mixed reality (MR) one step further, by summoning real objects as part of your virtual interface. 

Biotech and life sciences

Toku Eyes

Toku Eyes is focused on democratisation of eyecare through bioinstrumentation, artificial intelligence and assistive eye health screening technologies. 



APIMatic is a cloud-based automatic Software Development Kit (SDK) generator for Application Programming Interface (APIs).

Physical Sciences

Energia Potior

EnPot is a patented new mechanical technology that can be cost effectively retro-fitted to 90% of the world's aluminium smelters. 

Physical Sciences


After recognising the growing market trend in UAVs, Dotterel has developed award-winning noise reduction and aerial audio recording solutions.

Biotech and life sciences


SapVax has developed a powerful and unique immunostimulatory platform for development of vaccine and cancer immunotherapies.

Biotech and life sciences


Apercure provides a vehicle for the commercialisation of a surgical drain retention device and other drain related products.