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The University of Auckland Inventors' Fund

Are you looking for help to get your idea off the ground?

The University of Auckland Inventors’ Fund, managed by UniServices, was established in 2016 as a pre-seed and seed stage investment fund positioned to transform university research, intellectual property, and student ventures into high-growth global companies.

We aim to partner early with founders and be the first investor into University of Auckland spin-out companies. The fund is accessible to current University of Auckland researchers and students. This is a $20M open-ended and evergreen fund, meaning that returns from investments made are reinvested into the next generation of companies and technologies that are addressing the world’s most challenging problems.

Early stage and intelligent investment capital is essential to bridge the research-to-market gap. The University of Auckland Inventors’ Fund partners early with co-investors who share our vision to create, build, and support transformative intellectual property-based companies.



Our investment process


  1. Share your idea with us

    If you are seeking investment for a business or have a research commercialisation idea, then submit an idea disclosure via a secure online form on our website. Alternatively, you can contact the UniServices Commercialisation team. This will start a discussion to confirm eligibility and get us up to speed on the opportunity.

  2. Let’s talk

    After submitting your idea, a Commercialisation Manager will work with you to understand the technical and commercial aspects of the idea, and whether the opportunity is a good fit for the University of Auckland Inventors’ Fund.

  3. Due diligence

    Your Commercialisation Manager will conduct a deeper review of the investment opportunity. This may involve talking to prospective co-investors, and a further review of the deal structure, financial requirements, capital strategy, intellectual property position, and development milestones. Often this will include an early stage presentation or “preview” of the opportunity to a Return On Science or Momentum investment committee for consideration and feedback.

  4. Investment decision

    A sector-focused Return On Science investment committee will review the opportunity and provide a recommendation to the UniServices Commercialisation team who make the final decision on whether an investment is made.

  5. Ongoing support

    Once an investment is made, we will provide ongoing support to all of our investee companies through access to investor networks, expertise, and resources. Companies are also encouraged to provide regular updates to the Return On Science Investment Committees for support and advice.