UniServices Commercialisation Workshops

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About the workshops

UniServices has over ten years of experience in running successful workshops focused on accelerating early research stage ideas towards commercialisation. These interactive workshops have been developed to help you transform your idea into a new and exciting venture.

The workshop will provide you with an opportunity to identify potential commercial value in your research and insight into how UniServices and the University of Auckland Inventors' Fund can support this development. 

At the workshop we use the Lean Canvas methodology to develop an actionable and focused business plan. This can be used to inform a development roadmap, and customer validation and intellectual property strategies going forward. A PDF of the Lean Canvas can be found here.

We also use the session to help you improve how you communicate your idea and its potential. 

This year we are running six workshops that are aligned with market trends and a few of the many areas of research excellence at the University. 


2022 Workshop dates and themes:

1. Thursday, 24 February 2022, theme: NZ Cleantech Mission

The Cleantech Commercialisation Workshop will focus on ideas and technologies that have the potential to create high impact products, services or processes to solve climate change and other environmental problems in New Zealand and overseas. 


Keep an eye out for the full 2022 workshop schedule.

Commercialisation workshop FAQs:

What happens at the workshop?
In short, we use the lean canvas methodology and build a lean business plan around your idea. We also encourage participants to practice elevator pitches to hone in on the value proposition behind their idea. 

Commercialisation  Workshop Agenda*

  • Introduction to UniServices and the University of Auckland Inventors' Fund – 40 mins
  • Session One of the Lean Canvas – 50 mins
  • Coffee Break  - 10 mins
  • 30 Second Pitches – 15 mins 
  • Session Two of the Lean Canvas – 45 mins
  • 1 Minute Pitches – 15 mins
  • Session Three of the Lean Canvas – 45 mins

*subject to change 

How long do the workshops run for? 
We typically start the workshops at 9:00am and run them through to around 1:00pm. Lunch and morning tea is provided. 

Do I have to have an idea to come to the workshops? 
Ideally, yes. The workshops are optimised for working through specific ideas and applying the lean canvas methodology.

I don't have an idea at the moment but I want to learn more about commercialisation, what can I do? 
We'll have more useful information on this website soon. In the meantime The Centre For Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Velocity have great programs that run throughout the year.

I've heard that it's best to avoid disclosing my idea in case it can be protected with a patent, are the workshops confidential?
Yes, any public discussions or disclosures can limit the ability to patent your idea. As such, everything discussed in the commercialisation workshops is completely confidential between you, the others participating, and the advisors. Our idea disclosure form can be found here


*All submissions are confidential between you and Auckland UniServices Ltd. Any questions? Contact UniServices Commercialisation Manager Benjamin Pearson. 


Spin-out Companies supported through the Commercialisation Workshop process


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